Sunday, February 28, 2010


This is my Dad. He passed away April 1, 2006, leaving the world much better than he found it and the rest of us a little lost without him. If you ever met him, you are a better person for it, and you know it.

Some time ago, I undertook to capture some of his wit and wisdom in a little book to give my children. My father kept a little black notebook full of quotes, proverbs, poems and stories. They inspired him. They inspired us. We heard them so often that they became a part of us. And so, as a tribute to my father and as a gift to my children, I took a few of his favorite quotes, along with stories from his life and mine, and composed a small volume.

Apparently, there were bigger things in store. Thanks to Cedar Fort, my publishing company, 33 Habits of a Really Good Man will be available in bookstores this Spring. (BIG FAT HAPPY FACE!) Ask for it at your local retailer.

Is there a really good man in your life? Need a little wit and wisdom in your day? This is the perfect gift for Father's Day, Graduation, weddings or just for yourself! 33 mini-chapters include topics such as Dream Big, Speak Softly, Don't Worry, Laugh Often, Stretch Your Brain, Change Begins with Me and so forth.