Sunday, February 28, 2010


This is my Dad. He passed away April 1, 2006, leaving the world much better than he found it and the rest of us a little lost without him. If you ever met him, you are a better person for it, and you know it.

Some time ago, I undertook to capture some of his wit and wisdom in a little book to give my children. My father kept a little black notebook full of quotes, proverbs, poems and stories. They inspired him. They inspired us. We heard them so often that they became a part of us. And so, as a tribute to my father and as a gift to my children, I took a few of his favorite quotes, along with stories from his life and mine, and composed a small volume.

Apparently, there were bigger things in store. Thanks to Cedar Fort, my publishing company, 33 Habits of a Really Good Man will be available in bookstores this Spring. (BIG FAT HAPPY FACE!) Ask for it at your local retailer.

Is there a really good man in your life? Need a little wit and wisdom in your day? This is the perfect gift for Father's Day, Graduation, weddings or just for yourself! 33 mini-chapters include topics such as Dream Big, Speak Softly, Don't Worry, Laugh Often, Stretch Your Brain, Change Begins with Me and so forth.



  1. Can't wait to read it, Yvonne! I'd love a signed copy, but I know where to find you! Such a great legacy to honor your dad!

  2. Great man, great book. Can't wait to see it on the bookstore shelves.

  3. Congrats, Yvonne, and good luck with the book sales!